Left Handed

In the Fall of 2011, I injured my wrist and consequently had to wear a hard cast for 8 weeks. During that time, I began creating art with my non-dominant, left hand. Working with pastels, I completed a series of abstract florals in bright colors. This was a digression for me as my previous work consisted mostly of landscape imagery with local color in paint, collage, or pastel.

Finally, after many weeks of physical therapy, the healing was complete.  When I began painting and drawing again with my right hand, I found that I was incorporating the simpler compositions and richer color of the florals into my new landscapes. My style had changed. Influenced by the left hand florals, my work was now infused with more a more vibrant palette and less complex imagery. 

Since I have met with great success with this new focus, I have decided to continue in this vein. I have had a one person show recently in New Mexico in which I exhibited my left hand florals on the left hand side of the room and my right hand landscapes on the right. It was very well received both in terms of comments and sales.

I hope to continue showing my left hand work as a means of inspiration. The entire experience taught me many lessons, not the least of which is my respect for those people who overcome great disabilities and hardships. My experience pales in comparison.  Nevertheless, I humbly present this work in the hopes that it might inspire, or at the very least, please.

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