Introducing "The Secret of the Hidden Cave"

Introducing “The Secret of the Hidden Cave”, written by James Marcanti and illustrated by Ruth Marcanti. Part children’s story, part fable; this is an age-old story of love, greed and eventual acceptance. It is beautifully written by Jim and richly enhanced with Ruth’s illustrations. The story begins when Bear is horrified to discover a newspaper photograph of a dancing circus bear who is chained and led by a man with a whip. As he begins his journey to find the bear, he meets an unscrupulous treasure hunter who tricks Bear into accompanying him on his own adventure. Do the misfit partners eventually find treasure? Does Bear ever meet the dancing bear? Will the characters in the story learn that there are more important things in life than fortune and fame?

To find the answers please email and place an order. Copies are available for $10 plus shipping and handling for each book. ($3 from each book sale will be funded to cancer research)    

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